Word on the street

Cleo Elsmore: “Selling lemonade we made, and tangelos and lemons at the lemon stand. I made $18.”
Izrah-Li Parsons: “I went to my friend’s farm and went hunting for the first time. We shot two goats.”
Gabrielle Searle: “Hanging out with everyone. I’ve been to see Incredibles 2 and we scootered around town.”
Jess McIntyre: “On Tuesday we had a sleep-over and the next day we went to gymnastics. They teach you how to do silks, stretches and trapeze.”
Shannon Kanz: “Spending time with my family.”
Teina Watene: “The most fun we had was to take our kids to the park.”
Rebecca Kanz: “A sleepover with my friends. We had a spa pool, we made slime and had a bonfire.”
Jacqueline Kennedy: “Doing crafts. You get a hot glue gun and make a pattern on a jar, then spray paint it.”
Kian Raabe: “I played video games. Gears of War, Halo, and Black Ops 2 and I’ve been to the fun arcade.”
Georgia McKendry: “We went to Rotorua and went to Motion Entertainment. We went to the tramp park, and played mini golf and ten-pin bowling.”

“What is the coolest thing you have done so far during the school holidays?”

“What is the coolest thing you have done so far during the school holidays?”

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