Word on the street

Karina Williams: “All I know is what I’ve seen on Facebook. I don’t have enough information to make an informed opinion.”
Robert Garbes: “In the long term, it’s as bad as Agent Orange. It goes right down the food chain. If it kills a possum and a dog eats the possum, the dog dies. If a bird pecks at the dead dog, the bird dies."
Ann-Marie Wiseman: “I’m totally against it. It has a domino effect. It kills life along the food chain.”
Ebony Hodgetts: “I think it’s inhumane. It’s killing deer and other wildlife.”
Marilyn Duffy: “I think it’s terrible. So much wildlife gets hurt as a side-effect. Not just pests like rabbits die; everything else does as well.”
Harawira Rangihuna: “It doesn’t affect wild pigs but my dogs caught a pig and got a taste of the blood. The dogs started hallucinating and tried to attack me and my uncle . . . we had to put the dogs down.
Arna Majstrovic: “It’s horrific the way it deals with the pest problem."
Joy Kiniua: “It should be banned. It’s cruel to animals. They slowly die.”
Jensen Noanoa: “I’m against it. A friend was out gathering kai and his dog drank water from a stream with 1080 in it, and passed away.”
Alice Braybrook: “I feel both ways. It’s probably a good thing to get rid of pests but if other animals eat a poisoned pest, it’s not great.”

“A protest about the use of 1080 was held yesterday. How do you feel about the use of the pesticide?”

“A protest about the use of 1080 was held yesterday. How do you feel about the use of the pesticide?”

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Sue Boyde, Paraparaumu - 9 months ago
Hunting interests have put out untrue propaganda, and people believe it. I spend time in the bush after 1080 drops checking things out, and I have never found a dead native bird.

Will - 2 months ago
Hiring people to trap pest animals is cheaper, safer, creates more jobs and doesn't support unethical industries such as the chemical weapons industry.

1080 Poison AKA Sodium Fluoroacetate was invented in the USA during World War 2 by the chemical weapons industry. It was then manufactured and used in the USA as a cheap form of rat poison before being banned in 1972 by the Environmental Protection Agency along with DDT when it was discovered it not only killed rats but every other animal that eats it, including insects, lizards, birds, horses, pigs, sheep, dogs, cats and people.

In 1985 1080 poison's limited use in the USA was approved only in collars worn by sheep to kill the coyotes that were preying on them. Using it as a pellet or powder is totally irresponsible and unethical. Livestock that eat it will experience vomiting, twitching and seizures for a day or two until they die. Pregnant women who eat meat contaminated with 1080 will often have birth defects, such as babies born with missing limbs. In one case in Oregon State someone accidentally mistook 1080 powder for powdered eggs and poisoned over 200 people, killing 47 of them.