Word on the street

Adrian Stewart: “I thought our Prime Minister did very well.”
Jacobus Venter: “If anything, I think it brought the country closer together, so it had the opposite effect of what the moron wanted to achieve.”
Hana Himmeroeder: “Really sad, because in Germany it happens very often in recent years . . . it was just a big shock and a terrible feeling.”
Colin Tester: “Religion should not come into it at all. Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Jew — it’s all the same person up there; it is just worded differently.”
Ash Eru: “Sad. It felt like it was a family member.”
Sheryl Shaw: “I just think it’s incredibly sad and horrible. Kiwis are not like that. We are good people.”
Mutu Nihoniho and Waiora Nihoniho: It’s made me feel a little worried. New Zealand used to be a safe place and now people are scared to go outside.”
Kathleen Moran: “Terrible. I’m glad they’ve got the bugger.”
Sam Houston: “It’s made me scared for my baby’s future. I’m horrified by it.”
Mary-Ann de Kourt: “I’m just very sad for our country. For a long time I have been challenging people who post racist comments on social media.”

“How have the Christchurch shootings affected you?”

“How have the Christchurch shootings affected you?”

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