Gisborne young cross country runners in action

ORMOND SCHOOL: This hay bale obstacle is not a problem for Dakota Campbell as he leads (from left) Elijah Wright, Alex Langford and Ryan Badsar in Ormond School’s cross-country held at the school. Pictures by Paul Rickard, Liam Clayton and Rebecca Grunwell
Ben Adcock keeps it moo-ving in front of an interested spectator.
Tasmin Jacka in full flight as she leaps over a bale.
MAKARAKA SCHOOL: Heading towards hay bale obstacle are (from left) Anna Spence, Rose Webster, Amber McKay and Amelia Gibb.
Feeling it in their leg muscles as they negotiate this steep part of the course are Isabella Bayley (left) and Christibel MacKenzie.
Awapuni school: Fellow students cheer them on as (above from left) Harata Fox, Jemima Evans, Sharelle Waitaiki and Rhiley Wirihana-Vosaki.
Micah Langford (left) and Rakai Ferris take this jump together.
Over Krisharn Brown goes.
MAKAURI SCHOOL: Jack Stockan, wearing an appropriate Team Awesome T-shirt, scales a fence.
Arna Uili is happy in her work.
Micah Searle feels the chill of this muddy water hazard.
ST MARY’S SCHOOL: Striding it out at St Mary’s Schools cross-country are Dakota Isaac ...
Dylan Jackson ...
Kalianne Taylor and Jorja McKinlay ...
and LA Lakers fan Aiden Mill.
CENTRAL SCHOOL: Smiles all around as this group of Central School youngsters blast off at Waiteata Park. From left are Isabel Murphy, Cleo Elsmore, Tiia Takoko and Manaia Holden.
Also enjoying themselves are (from left) Tristen Scott, Cory Carpendale, Jameson Steele and Archie Roberts.
Max Hammond sucks in some oxygen in the Year 4 boys race.
Hayley-Hade Nepe (left) and Honor Phillips make their way along a track.
MANGAPAPA SCHOOL: Year 2 girls warm up for their race at Nelson Park.
Adam Nepia leads Mahaki Nikora-Peri and Connor Perrett.
Indyanah Moore.
Eli Knight.
Wainui Beach School: Making their way along the beach course towards the finish are Wainui Beach School students Nia O’Leary in front of Hannah Webb (left) and Tamsin Ruru-Dons.
Riley Lewis.
Lani Vera Steffen.
Carys Williams, Pearle Rasby, Mekayla Chatterton.
Daniel Ryan.

FOR more photos go to our photo page.

FOR more photos go to our photo page.

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