Pay equity deal a good one but impacts likely to include negatives


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Bruce Groves - 2 months ago
Your last paragraph begs the question: Isn't that what being a business-owner is all about anyway? The only difference is that the current situation adds the morality quotient of not keeping all the profits to yourself, but distributing some in the form of higher wages to your staff. With regards to the topic of aged-care and disability-sector workers, the sector is still left with a lack of able staff, i.e. either experienced, or qualified, or with the necessary compassion and work ethic. It is still a system governed by those that determine how much an individual person (requiring support) is entitled to receive based on their physical needs but negatively adjusted because of their assets - assets they have worked hard for, paid taxes, and contributed to society for many years, not bludged off the taxpayer for all or most of their lives and get full health-care entitlement just because they have no assets to show for their (lack of) contribution to society.


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